Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching Up Part I

Since I last posted anything substantial, a lot has happened in our lives. The kids started 8th, 6th and 4th grade and it was a busy year for us. Frank was finishing up middle school where Lexi was just starting. For the first time since he started school, Tyler was alone. My work schedule changed so we all had some big adjustments but in the end it worked out great.

Frank ended his years in middle school and the last year was hard for him. He is still playing guitar and had awesome concerts during the year.

During the fall season of football, we had the opportunity to start looking at high schools and things were put into motion for Frank to do the paperwork for Faith Lutheran High School. He tested in the spring, had his one on one interview and we learned just before school was out in June that he had been accepted and is now getting ready to start as a Crusader next Monday. We are so proud of him because it was a tough test and admission process but in the end he did very well. He went to camp in San Diego with his new team and got to experience his first earthquake and aftershocks. He has been working out all summer and is in great shape. We are excited to watch him play high school football. The team that he was on in the spring season went to the superbowl for the league and ended up dominating the game and winning. It was a great end to his last season of play for the league. We made some great friends in the past year because of football.

Lexi finished up her first year in middle school and it was a fun and tough year for her. She made new friends, lost some along the way and found herself in the process. She was in orchestra and is playing the bass string instrument and improved a lot during the year. She received a Presidential award at the end of the year and was on the deans list for straight A's for the entire second half of the year. She and I took several trips to LA to see Galaxy play and had a blast at the games and on the beach (more to come about that). She will start 7th grade in a couple of weeks and is looking forward to a new year. She is still playing soccer and this year played on the field more than in the goal for the first time ever and she even scored a goal. She traveled to Utah with her team to a tournament and visited Zion.

Tyler finished up 4th grade and will have the same teacher for 5th grade which is he really happy about. He did well being with out his brother and sister at school and was very responsible this year as he had to get himself to the bus everyday on his own. He broke his arm again for the 2nd time in 3 years. He was playing football and broke it in 2 places so he missed the entire spring season. He is back to playing again now and enjoying it very much.

We took several mini vacations but that will be another post all in its self....more to come in Part II

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